Inspiration to laugh, cry and maybe wet your pants a little bit.


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Hello, and welcome. We’re all crazy here. You’ll fit right in.

I love a good story, don’t you? We’ve all got a story to tell and I’m here to share mine – no holding back, no BS guaranteed. I’ve been through many triumphant moments, as well as very dark seasons where it felt like there was no hope. Throughout the highs, lows and mundane moments, we need a little friend called inspiration.

Inspo to laugh at the odd and comical moments and to cry over tragic and confusing situations. Inspo to laugh at how ridiculously under-qualified we are as parents and to cry when our babies grow up too quickly.

I hope I can make you laugh, cry and and maybe wet your pants a little bit. If everything else fails, just let the emoticons do the talking 🙂

The best way out is always through

Someone on the Internet


Inspiration to laugh, cry and maybe wet your pants a little bit


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